Masonry can add value, beauty, and strength to your building.  It will outlast many other finishes in your home.  Used both inside and outside, popular uses include fireplaces, chimneys, wine cellars, decorative interior walls, outside facades, garage pillars, entrance pillars and arches, stone or brick planters, and mailboxes.  The possibilities for using them in a building project are almost endless.


While masonry lasts a very long time, it is subject to damage for a variety of reasons. Car hits, tree hits, storms, and the natural freeze-thaw cycle of the soil can catch improperly installed brick or stone and crack it.

Chimney repair— It’s best to catch missing bricks, cracked caps, or broken flues early on.  If left untreated it can lead to water intrusion, damaging the walls or ceiling near your chimney.  Chimney repairs can range from fixing loose or missing mortar to replacing the concrete cap or replacing broken bricks. We put extras in our concrete caps to build them strong and with quality, from a fortified concrete mix, proper use of rebar, and building a proper drip edge. Also, the quality of your mason mix can factor into the life of your product (..we only use the best).

Chimney repair - before   Chimney repair - after

Brick work— We repair and replace brick for residential and commercial properties, and we can also add new brick detailing to your projects. Brick is an excellent way to both strengthen and beautify your building project.

Stone exterior

Cultured and natural stone work—can be used to line many of your house’s surfaces with lavish elegance. Cultured and natural stone can be installed on the interior or exterior of your home. Your home value will increase because of this design option. Outdoor fireplaces, seating areas, planters, pillars with lighting, and outdoor kitchens are common uses for natural stone.

Natural stone exterior

Fireplaces -are statement pieces meant to bring warmth to your home. Whether decorative or practical let us fulfill its potential. We’ll complete your interior or exterior fireplace needs. We can replace an outdated fireplace with a new custom look.


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