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Concrete projects need to be done right the first time, and in Minnesota, water and drainage management needs to be addressed nearly every time.

Concrete Driveway Aprons

Every year we perform hundreds of driveway apron pours.  Minnesota climate is particularly hard on concrete, and the joints between the garage, driveway, and water management down to the foundation are all highly relevant.

Concrete Driveways

Concrete is much more durable, cooler, and desirable than a blacktop driveway. We’ve built our strong reputation on building out concrete driveways with colored concrete, stamped concrete, and other great features associated with a concrete driveway.

Concrete Patios

One of our favorite things about being a concrete company is helping people enjoy more of the short Minnesota Summer and Fall with patios and even landscaping.  We love building gorgeous areas to entertain, relax, and just soak up the Minnesota summer (along with bug spray).

Curbing & Sidewalks

Concrete has so many applications – and we’re masons at heart. Another type of job we love doing is curbing and sidewalks for small commercial and residential customers.

A little bit of finesse can go along way towards boosting curb appeal!

Concrete is a strong, durable, and long lasting material that is extremely versatile. When mixed, poured, reinforced, and cured properly, concrete can hold very heavy loads and even be used for decorative projects. If everything is done properly, concrete can last 100 years or more—but unfortunately, many properties have old and weathered concrete that needs to be repaired or replaced. When repairing or replacing exterior concrete, it’s important to do it right.

Exterior Concrete

Concrete driveways, steps, sidewalks, concrete aprons, patios, concrete curbing and stepping stones in landscaping are just the beginning of what we can create. If you already have old concrete or asphalt in place, we will tear it out and fill the area with compacted soil. We will grade it to the proper height, level it out, and add reinforcement like rebar and expansion joints. Then, we will pour new concrete that will last you for many decades to come! We can pour traditional smooth trowel or broomed concrete, or we can give you a decorative concrete option that will tie together your landscape and make everything look fantastic! Either way, concrete is durable all year round and will last a very long time.

Concrete Apron Stamped colored concrete patio
Concrete Apron Stamped and colored concrete patio

Decorative Concrete

Decorative concrete can be used on driveways, sidewalks, patios, and other areas. It can be colored and/or stamped. Colored concrete can be stained to a wide variety of different fade-resistant colors. Stamped concrete is textured to replicate other stones or bricks. The sky is the limit when it comes to options for decorative concrete!

Stamped concrete driveway      Exterior Concrete  Concrete curbing
Stamped and Colored Driveway  Decorative Concrete Sidewalk  Curbing

Stamped concrete is textured or imprinted concrete that is meant to replicate other stones. When compared to pavers and natural stone, it is a much cheaper and often more durable option when going for a more high-end look. This type of concrete can be formed into many different patterns.

Smooth trowel and broomed concrete is a basic concrete that is often used as sidewalk, steps, or in garages. This is the most inexpensive type of concrete there is. Regular broomed concrete is an industrial standard concrete that is used because of its slip resistant qualities and it requires no sealer. Unlike asphalt, concrete will hold strong all year long. For example, asphalt can expand and break more easily in the hot summer sun whereas concrete does not.

Colored concrete is a very versatile type of concrete. There are many variations of pattern and color, the design possibilities are endless. The colors are fade resistant. Colored concrete can even be mixed to create natural looking stone.

Common problems with concrete can occur with improperly compacted soil, water intrusion, poor rebar, lack of rebar, poorly finished concrete from the previous installation, and varying thicknesses in the concrete which cause it to lift at different rates in the freeze thaw cycle. Not all concrete is equal. There are different densities and additives that all change its strength and longevity. Sealers can also help protect the life of the surface. When properly installed it can last for decades.


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